Post-Holiday Randoms

Hello, Friends! Yesterday, I had the best intentions yesterday of getting a post- holiday wrap up post on the books. As it turns out, our router had other ideas. Nothing like coming home from a five day road trip to the blinking-orange-cyclops-eye on your router. Totally a First World problem.

After cramming 4 kiddos and all the gear required to travel a total of 650 miles for three family Thanksgiving gatherings, I just didn’t have it in me to troubleshoot technology yesterday. I’d like to say I took every opportunity to lie like a slug on the couch, but I’d be lying. Rest assure that at some point this week I have a date to do a whole lot of nothing, snuggled under a blanket on the couch.

And because we all know that it wouldn’t be a holiday weekend without a bunch of minutia swirling around in my head, here are the Post-Holiday Randoms:

What?! Are you talkin’ to me?


1.  The wild turkey population is getting out of hand here Up North. Northern wild turkeys must be the bravest birds on record. The not-so-little gobblers are seeking every opportunity to wander into the road as a flock, plunk down smack in the middle of it, and stare at oncoming traffic as it approaches. They are so brazen that I think the phrase playing chicken should be heretofore renamed  playing turkey. After all, I have never encountered a flock of chickens sitting in the middle of a road, daring me to mow them down at a high rate of speed.

This particular turkey was hanging out in front of a vacant store front next to a gas station, on the day before Thanksgiving. He didn’t even bother to move or flinch as I approached with my phone to snap his picture.  He was either very bold, or knew that there was no way in the world that I had a gun or knew what to do with one if I did.  My meat comes shrink-wrapped on cute foam trays at the store.

Kids fries = reasonable, Extra Large fries = enough for a twelve


2.  Since we were on a road trip, the boys were allowed to choose our lunch destination.  Our luck with them choosing Subway has run out, and McDonald’s is the new favorite.  I was glad to see that the fries in the Happy Meals had been significantly downsized, and that apples, sans-caramel, are a regular feature. However, any ounce of approval that I felt for that menu changes was diminished when I saw what I thought was the Medium fries that I ordered for us to share.  Thankfully (?) it wasn’t a Medium fry; they made a mistake and gave us an Extra Large, which could feed a small village.

3.  Bacon Slayer, Son #1, and I survived our first 5K run as a family, on Thanksgiving morning.

Yes, I am wearing a tutu. Yes, my cell camera hates florescent lighting.

Our eldest son performed famously, and was able to navigate the course with us without getting lost.

Being that we were participating in a run with over 21,000 registered runners, keeping track of our offspring was a victory in and of itself.

I hoped that we could do it and conservatively registered us to run in the 9:30-11 minute mile group. Apparently, we were a part of history, as 7000 other runners did the same, so our heat was both the largest of the day, and the largest single heat in the history of the race. I quickly gave up hope of beating my first 5K time, and settled for hopefully finishing before the Lions kickoff 4 1/2 hours later.

After a couple of false starts, we were off-and-running–except for when approaching a turn in the course, at which points we were stopping-then-walking through the bottleneck.

My tutu became a casualty at mile two, which was fine because it was starting to irritate me for all of it’s slippage. In a feat of agility that I will likely never experience again, I was able to step through the tutu, and pick it up off the street without breaking stride.  Or any body parts, for that matter.


4.  Thanksgiving happened to be Bacon Slayers birthday this year. Don’t let the eerie red eyes from my crappy phone pictures fool you–he’s really quite handsome.  He chose  a ginormous New York Cheesecake for his birthday cake, this year.  Well, he chose the cheesecake, but I chose to make it ginormous. Go figure.

5.  We seized the opportunity during the half time of the Lions game to play a little football.  We’re pretty sure that Son #1 was faster, and had more rushing yards that day than any of the Lions’ receivers. I think he was motivated by all of Son #3′s trash talk.

6.  Our boys are great travelers. They did a great job being away from home for 5 days, staying up later than usual, and sleeping at multiple homes. That said, they all completely fall apart within 30 minutes of arriving back home. This phenomena happens every time we travel; it’s as if they know that they are home, in their safest place, and they need to decompress from the trip.  We remedied the situation by makingBaked Oatmeal together for Monday morning’s breakfast.

7.  Histrionics aside, I was greeted by a partial quart of long expired buttermilk that I forgot to pour down the drain before we left. That’s a fine how-do-ya-do & welcome home.

8.  I rearranged the contents of a few cabinets the week before Thanksgiving to make my kitchen work-space flow more efficiently. Now I can’t find anything.

9.  I received 23 catalogs in the mail on Cyber Monday. Twenty-Seven. None of them offered me a big percentage off of my purchase.  Only a few of the catalogs offered free shipping. Not one of them offered a free pink-sparkly-gift with purchase.

If it’s not 75% off, or come with something pink & sparkly, or ship for free, I’m not interested.I recycled each and every catalog this morning. So much for effective marketing tools, Retailers.

10.  We were that family at the grocery store.  Last night, we shopped until 9:30 p.m. when the kids should have long been in bed.  I hated to do it, but I couldn’t face another day without milk in the house. I mean, I had to make my chai latte with half & half yesterday morning! OK, so that wasn’t so much bad as it was decadent and wonderful.

11.  Today, I was successfully able to diagnose our lack of home internet access as a broken router issue. Again. I’d be lying if I told you that I didn’t feel a little like a technological bad a#* to do what hours spent on the tech support help-desk line can not.  I am able to bring you all of these riveting musings with my laptop plugged directly into the cable modem. Like, with a real cord and everything.


12.  I love the holiday cups at Starbucks.  They make me smile.

13.  Now that Thanksgiving is over, I think it’s safe to revel in the coming Christmas season. love Christmas!  I have so many cookie and candy projects swirling though my head, that I’d better start writing them down or I will forget.  I have a feeling that this will be a chocolate-covered holiday season. Yay!

14.  I just spent all of my dinner preparation time writing this blog post, so the roasted chicken with caramelized onion risotto will have to wait until tomorrow. Tonight’s dinner menu will consist of Wheat Chex or Kashi Go Lean Crunch with sliced bananas.

So tell me, what interesting, fun(ny,) or mundane happenings did you partake in over the long Thanksgiving weekend?

Did you travel for, or host Thanksgiving dinner?  What deliciousness did you tote along with you, or serve your guests?

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  1. says

    That brazen turkey cracks me up. The only thing that would make that funnier is if he’d been standing outside a meat market. Your pink tutu put a huge smile on my face. So nice to see you living your pink & frilly dream. Congrats on running a great race with your family, and happy birthday to the Bacon Slayer! NY cheesecake? Perfect choice, my friend. We traveled to Tulsa & Dallas to see TCP’s family, then mine. It wasn’t a perfect trip, but it was great to see everyone. Favorite Turkey Day food consumed – a pumpkin pie made with fresh pumpkin, not canned. It’s a whole different ballgame with the fresh stuff. SO good. Have to say, though – it’s good to be home.

    • says

      So you logged quite a few miles in the name of family togetherness, as well. I agree wholeheartedly–it’s always great to see family, but it sure is wonderful to be back at home, afterward. I’ll be honest, I look everywhere for a tiara to go with the tutu, but it seems like they don’t make them for girls my size; unless of course I wanted a veil attached to it.

  2. says

    1. I have never seen the scary orange cyclops-eye, but I sincerely hope that I don’t! How many routers have you demolished in the last year?
    2. LOVE the tutu – how was it running in it?
    3. I still have not totally mastered the art of purging the fridge before we travel. No matter what, there’s always something to surprise us when we get home.

    • says

      1. This will be our 2nd router in the past 3 months. I’m trying not to take that personally.
      2. Running in the tutu was annoying, but only because I made it myself, so it tied with a satin ribbon that kept slipping & coming untied. I would run in one again if it were elastic & stayed put. There is just something to living out the childhood fantasy of donning a tutu for all world to see. I felt very girly.

  3. says

    Great post. 1. How do you run with that many people around you? Seriously, I’d be creating multiple group wipe-outs by falling into people trying to run. 2. You know, I have a great cheesecake recipe that LCB loves, and it never dawned on me to offer it as a birthday treat, but now that you mention it, he might love it. 3. Amen about all your points involving the catalogs. 4. We’ve been “that” family more times than I care to admit, so I feel ya on that one. 5. Cannot relate on any level to the tech skills, so I am not feeling that one at all, I’m deeply sorry to say. 6. I adore pretty much everything about Christmas, so I can’t wait to read your Christmas-related posts!

    • says

      1. Running with all of those people was kind of like playing a real life game of Frogger, except for the fact that we were all going in the same direction. Our running plan quickly became “bob & weave, bob & weave, serpentine.” 😉
      2. Once the repair man talks some sense into your oven, you should really post that cheesecake recipe.

  4. says

    Hey, Kirsten ~ We were in Texas for Thanksgiving, so our weekend consisted of turkey, steak and bbq! Yum! Now I’m getting all caught up on your adventures! :) And I’m looking forward to all your swirling Christmas ideas!

  5. says

    We also traveled for Thanksgiving. Since my parents relocated to NC, we go down every other year and they come up on the other ones. Dinner was at a relative’s house, so no leftovers for us. Instead, my mother cooked another Thanksgiving dinner on Friday so that we all could have leftovers. Works for me.

    I just finished putting out the Christmas lights, so The Cub will be a happy camper as he’s been upset that our neighbors’ house is lit and we couldn’t do ours yet. Three strands of lights dying and requiring replacing was the reason. I have one garland to rewrap in new red ribbon and the decorating is done until we get a tree on the 10th.

    On to baking! I have cookies and small breads/cakes to bake. At least the buckeyes for our cookie exchange on Saturday are done.

    Enjoy your Christmas preparations!

  6. says

    So much fun…And one thing I MISS about holidays is those crazy road trips to see family and friends…a road trip to us is an hour and a half at the most! 😉
    Glad you had fun, and really glad the internet is back ON. It’s one of those things we seem to simultaneously love and hate!
    your tutu was adorable–and I’m so glad you guys did the run. Isn’t it a great way to kick off a food-fest day!?
    My highlight of the day was our dogs return, and fun family time!

  7. says

    What a glorious holiday you had!!! I am so proud of all of you runners! That is truly impressive!! Glad you had so much fun packed into those 5 days!! Hope you do find that one day to decompress and curl up on the couch with a good book or something. :) Happy Thanksgiving, dear Kirsten!!!

  8. says

    1. Sorry about the buttermilk. Been there.
    2. Caramelized onion risotto? I’ll wait til forever for that recipe.
    3. 27 catalogues? Um, wow. I know what you mean about the sales. Some retailers, and I won’t name names, have sent me so many offers that I wouldn’t dream of shopping there for less than 40% off.

  9. says

    Hi! Long time no “see”. You left a nice message on our “About” page a while ago and well, I think I’ve got myself signed up now so when you post something new I won’t miss it. I could relate to just about everything in this post but the run you guys did. :) Ambitious people!
    Oh #12 makes me smile too.

  10. says

    Happy birthday, Bacon Slayer! What a handsome fellow you got there.
    I am coming over for the caramelized onion risotto. Thanks for having me!

  11. says

    OMGosh, just reading all of this, I need more coffee and a nap!
    But will say, in all of our travels, and we are off and away frequently, I have learned to purge in the kitchen and hit the store en route home and do a huge shop!
    Wel,, onto a little ho ho ho time over here, there is a big tree to get up.

  12. says

    Just wanted to tell you that my Hubby just found out that you call your hubby The Bacon Slayer, & he’s jealous lol. He said, “That’s the coolest super hero name ever!” And now I think he wants a cooler name than Hubby… we shall see.

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