What To Do With All That Halloween Candy When You Don’t Want to Get Caught Snarfing it in the Bathroom

It’s a valid concern. What do you do with all that Halloween candy when you don’t want to get caught snarfing it in the bathroom?  If you are like me, you find a way to hide it in perfectly respectable food-stuffs so you don’t have to hide in the bathroom to eat it all.

That way you can hold your head high and still eat all the Halloween candy you want, right out in the open.

Candy corn + Sunbutter + Chocolate chips = Homemade Sunbutterfingers

Just like the real deal, but so much better! And safe for Son #2. Win-win.

Jenny over @ The Picky Palate made these fab-looking Candy Bar Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches.  She just encased her favorite fun size candy bars in chocolate chip cookie dough before baking. You can, too. Genius!

Candy Snack Cake

The Queen of All Things Decadent & Delicious, Paula Deen, came up with this Candy Snack Cake;  a quick chocolate snack cake, topped with a chocolate buttermilk icing, and adorned with sliced candy bars. Um, I’ll take two slices, please!

Of course, just about any chocolate candy bars can be chopped up and tossed into brownie batter, or pressed into crispy rice treats. Chocolate is an easy medium.

Baking with chocolate is all fine and good, but what do you do with the consolation-prize-candy? You know what I mean…all those suckers, life savers, and Jolly Ranchers.  The stuff you only eat once the chocolate is gone.


Well, you can take out your frustration of being out of chocolate by smashing the bejeezes out of the hard candy and making these cute Stained-Glass Critter Cookies from marthastewart.com. Just cut out your favorite sugar cookie dough, and use a smaller cookie cutter or knife to take some of the dough out of the center.  Fill the center with the smashed candy, and bake.  The candy melts, giving a stained-glass effect. How cute are these flowers and butterflies?

The folks at Martha-the-Brand also shows you how to make basic Stained-Glass-Cookies of any shape and size. I think the stars are fun and festive.

You don’t get much more festive than these Stained-Glass Snowman. Absolutely adorable!  The Martha-the-Brand folks suggest a basic vanilla or chocolate sugar cookie dough, but I think that shortbread cookie dough is the better option because shortbread cookies are less fragile.

Since we have a nut-free house, we end up with a lot of fruity candy. I never know what to do with it, so I usually end up throwing it away. Gasp! I know!

Sweetarts Milk Shake from Real Simple

But thanks to the peeps at Real Simple, I know to toss the SweeTarts into their SweeTart Milkshakes.

Skittles Meringues from Real Simple

And finally something to do with Skittles–I’ve been wondering what to do with a plethora of Skittles for yearsSkittles Meringues! Light and fluffy meringues with a hint of fruity crunch.


Of course, if you are like me and picked way more apples than you know what to do with, then the Pioneer Woman’s Caramel Apples rolled in just about any small candy is a viable option. A viable, delicious, and somewhat healthy option.

An apple a day keeps the jiggles away!  I’m pretty sure that candy calories don’t count if they are eaten with an apple. But don’t quote me on that. 😉

Not-so-fineprint: All recipes and photographs other than my own are copyright of the people/wesites/blogs indicated in the text. Click on the photos or links in this post to be redirected to the original sources.


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  1. Sandy says

    Oh…..just the title of this post hist uncomfortably close to home……….Halloween always brings my sugar addiction front and center for all to see!!!!!

  2. says

    Kirsten, you cannot just un-see this sort of stuff. As one who only managed to bring candy corn into her house this year, it’s taking quite a bit of self control right now to not run out and buy MORE candy.

    I still don’t rule out PW’s caramel apples. They looked absolutely unholy.

  3. says

    Love the ideas! I can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeve as we move into these holidays…yayayayay! :)
    Thanks for all of the deliciousness–

  4. says

    Any blog post that uses the word “snarfing” is my kind of blog, especially when it relates to food in the bathroom. You make me wish I’d bought more Halloween candy. I was really, really good this year. I bought my candy the afternoon of the 31st, thus allowing me only half a day to pig out before distributing the rest. Hmmm, I’m pretty sure I could find some on sale now…

    • says

      You were smart to do that, Beth. My problem isn’t so much the candy I buy to pass out, because it’s all “safe” fruity stuff for Son #2. My problem is the candy that the other boys bring back home.

    • says

      Oh wow! Those blondies look barely legal! Let me know about the Milky Way cake. I love Milky Way’s so much that I am literally afraid of making that cake because I have visions of eating the whole thing in one sitting while growling at anyone that came too close.

  5. says

    I’ve actually found that I’ve lost a taste for a lot of the candy that I loved as a kid/teen/20 something. The chocolate is too sweet and hurts my throat. So much of The Cub’s stash is safe from me. M’Lord and I prefer darker chocolate now. I will be making double chocolate cookies this week-end with dark cocoa powder, espresso powder, and dark chocolate chips. No milk chocolate involved. Yum.

    You could also find a dentist who is collecting and sending the stuff to the troops overseas. Our MOMs Club is collecting “leftover” candy for that this year, too.

    After all of that, those pictures still make me hungry.

  6. says

    Great ideas. I especially like the craft ideas for the non-chocolate candies, since the kids have followed in my footsteps and greatly prefer the chocolate varieties and thus dump bowlfuls of non-chocolate candy in front of me after Halloween. It’s as if they think I know what to do with it, which I guess now I do.

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