Fall Color Tour

Last weekend, the Bacon Slayer and I celebrated our 13th Anniversary.  Seems like just last week we had our first date at a Canadian beach culminating in a Monty Python movie marathon. Now here we are, 16 years later, married for for the past 13 of them.  Looking back, that first date at the beach was very appropriate for our lifestyle. We love being outdoors and marveling at the beauty around us. We often take our boys on drives just to see what we can find. Of course, with four boys in the car, that usually means finding a new playground, beach, or ice cream shop.

So naturally, when given the opportunity to hit the town sans kiddos, of course we went for a drive through the countryside to see the fall colors. Funny, that even though we live surrounded by this beauty, real life takes over, and we don’t always “see” what is around us.

Which is exactly why we can appreciate the opportunity to slow down and enjoy an afternoon out. Just the two of us. Driving around. With no agenda.

October is harvest time at the areas vineyards and orchards.  We were able to get this shot of a vineyard on the bluffs overlooking Grand Traverse Bay.

The Selective-OCD part of me likes the orderly rows of grape vines. Neat, tidy, but still sort of wild.

In some areas, our microclimates are mimic that of the south of France, as such the land is very conducive to growing grapes. I’m told that Northern Michigan wine is starting to win awards and gain recognition in wine circles.

Whites, sparking whites, and cool climate reds do well here. These are pinot grigio grapes–I just love how they look like little balls of sunshine on the vines.

I could have hung out in the vineyards gazing at grapes all day, but the vineyards started to get a little crowded.  Sunny autumn days bring almost as many tourists as warm summer days. Besides, we had more exploring to do.

We did find our dream house. The one on the bluff, overlooking the water. What you don’t see are the acres of vineyards and the barn with horses that come with it. Nice location.

But we weren’t looking for real estate. We were looking for solitude, so we pressed on.

I love walking through the crunch of fallen leaves.

Or wondering what used to be on the land.

The mix of deciduous and evergreen trees provides a nice texture difference in the landscapes.

It seems that the farther we drive out on the dirt roads, the more relaxed and centered we become.

The more solitude settles in and we can really breathe.

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  1. says

    OK….You’re killing me here!! SO beautiful. I kept telling myself that color cannot be real. But I know it is.
    I’m glad you got out and Happy Anniversary!
    Wish I could take a day like that–it looks truly soothing to the soul.
    ALoha, and enjoy fall for me…:)

  2. says

    Happy anniversary! We just celebrated out 6th on Friday. Beautiful colors and some pretty good pictures there too! So glad you guys could get away for a while, it does a soul good.

  3. says

    Your pictures are gorgeous. The dream house made me smile too, because, interestingly enough, it looks very similar to a house LCB and I liked that we found just over the MI border when we were living in Chicago. For a while, we tossed around the idea of moving there so we could be right on the big lake, and just commuting via train to our jobs in Chicago. In the end, I think the commute would have killed us, but it was fun to dream for a while of the big city by day and lake country by night lifestyle!

    Happy Anniversary, and enjoy the color changes and the local wine!

  4. says

    Happy Anniversary, Kirsten! And what beautiful fall colors. Looks amazing up there. Hope we get some of that down here, but it may have been too dry this summer for us to get as much color as you guys are getting. Still holding out hope!

    By the way, I’ve got a giveaway going on right now — you might want to come check it out. I’ve missed you lately! :)

  5. says

    Beautiful scenery and colors. We are just starting to change down here, though the elms have all dropped their leaves already. The walk to and from school is getting crunchy! I love autumn and quiet back roads.

  6. says

    Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful day you had driving around. Your photographs are so lovely. That *dream home* is beautiful, what a beautiful land and water scape they have to drive up to every day.

    Our colours are almost gone here (sadly) and we are preparing to have everything with any colour left in it to soon replaced with white!

    The shot of the pinot grigio grapes is wonderful!

  7. says

    So gorgeous! My husband and I take every chance we get to “take a dirt road” somewhere. It’s so relaxing, calming and so much fun to explore. After 30 years of marriage, we still love to travel around and see the gorgeous countryside. I never get tired of it! So much fun!

  8. says

    Happy anniversary, Kirsten! What a beautiful way to celebrate – sometimes it’s so easy to miss what is around us. When you stop to enjoy it, the beauty can be overwhelming. May the two of you have MANY more happy, healthy years together with your wonderful family.

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