Reclamation, Part 2 and The Fall (Hopefully Fab) Five

Reason #277 why I love living here.

For some reason we tend to go into hyper-purge mode in the fall.  Some animals gather nuts for winter, we get rid of extraneous possessions. Simplifying is a necessary component of my sanity.  I mentioned that this summer was dedicated to reclamation. To recap, we planned to reclaim the following:

  1. The yard.
  2. The bedrooms.
  3. The closets.
  4. The bathrooms.
  5. The yard.
  6. And on a personal note, I plan to reclaim my waistline.  Food blogging has made all of my jeans too tight!

Overall, it went as follows:

#1 & #5 went as well as to be expected.  We transplanted our neighbors native landscape thinnings.  We get a gold star for effort due to the simple fact that we remembered to water regularly. We fared as well as expected.  75% of our transplants live to tell the tale.

Our volunteers at work.

The other 25% died and/or were eaten by our charming volunteer landscape architects.

#6 Went swimmingly well.  (Or should I say runningly well?) Seems that in addition to giving me a new hobby that I never thought I would embrace, training for a 5K had a pleasant affect on my waistline.  Goodness knows that all the cupcakes weren’t helping it any. So taking up running and confining my baking habit to once or twice a week had the desired outcome: my “fat” jeans are too big, and my “regular” jeans fit.

As for #2, #3, and #4…they are still works in progress. While we had every intention purging and painting the second floor this summer, we just…didn’t.

Which brings me to   Thanks goodness Kat included me in her reindeer games, because I sure needed an extension on my own pre-set deadline.  So I’ll jump into the The Fab Five with the same commitment, and take it a step further by calling them Fab. Because that is exactly how I’ll feel when I can can check these things off my To-Do list.

The Fall Five:

  1. Finish the purge and hold a Garage Sale. We usually prefer to donate our items, but this time the purge is too big to ignore, so we really should get a little cash in the process.
  2. Begin the upstairs renovation projects (Read: paint, decorate.) We’ve lived in our home for 5 years. It’s time to eliminate the “contractor white” paint from our lives.
  3. Get an oil change. Sounds obvious, but I never remember to do this until I’m 1000 miles over the 3000 mile limit.  As I am now.
  4. Find balance.  I’ve been going 100 m.p.h, so I need to slow down to find balance, and not just except that everything is “the new normal.” Continuing to run should help here.
  5. Use my Sunday nights wisely. Bacon Slayer’s hockey season begins this week, which means that once I get the kids in bed, I have the opportunity for some quality “me” time. To be honest, I usually use this time to balance the checkbook or get caught up on stuff for the coming week. From now on, Sunday nights will consist of me, a chick flick, and proper attention to my own manis/pedis. It’s the Way it’s Supposed To Be.
I’d love to hear about some of your short-term goals. Spill it in the comments section! :)


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  1. says

    I’m hoping to get back on the elliptical machine. It’s in our garage, which as been 114F for the past 3 months. Now that it’s registering in the mid to high-90’s, it’s getting harder to ignore. I also hope to score some new main dish recipes this fall. Things that I haven’t yet tried. I’m all about adventure. I need to get Ziggy out for more walks when it gets cooler. He needs some exercise & fresh air as much as I do. And finally, I plan to vacation like a crazy person this fall. Gonna pack my bags. Gonna live my travel dreams. Gonna take a lot of pictures to prove it. Happy fall, Kirsten!

    • says

      How frightening is it that living in Texas makes you think that temps in the mid-high 90’s equates to “reasonable” workout weather? To quote Paris Hilton, “That’s HOT!” I hope that I don’t owe her royalties for that quote.

  2. Heather in Michigan says

    This year the kids are both in school all day… where is all that time I should have?!!! Where is the clean house, the time to exercise, the mani-pedi?!!!

    *sigh* We all need more balance. Good luck with yours….

  3. says

    Wow, your trees are changing already? So beautiful!

    I just recently accomplished one of my short-term goals — actually getting prints made of photos taken since January. So now I’ve got another new short-term goal — getting the photo albums caught up! :) And I’m further behind on that than just this past January. Good grief… :)

  4. says

    I DEFINITELY need to reclaim Sunday nights. They have quickly devolved into reading textbook chapters, watching episodes of Criminal Minds, and going into a non-functional zombie daze.
    Kudos on the house purge! Doesn’t it feel good?

  5. says

    First of all, congrats on the 5K. That’s fantastic that you are running. I used to run, and I loved it! I especially love running in the fall and winter. You may actually inspire me to take it up again.

    Secondly, I LOVE your gardeners, beautiful and efficient.

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