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Let’s be honest: I’m feeling kind of cruddy today. Whatever it is that my sweet little petri dishes have been incubating the past few weeks has caught up with me. Dang it. So I’m in a just-keep-moving-so-I-don’t-collapse mode. A mode which has been punctuated by periods of caffeine, sugar, and copious amounts of cold medicine. That’s how I roll.

Rather than wallowing in self-pity and spending the day on the couch in a fetal position and letting the crud have it’s way with me, I’ve been strangely full of gratitude for the all of the things that I love. Must be a carry over from the fabulous birthday weekend that I just shared with family and friends.

I love this painting. My gift to Hubby on our 10th Wedding Anniversary. My BFF Holly painted it for us in her folksy style, from scads of  emailed photographs. Not only does she make a mean taco dip, but she is an amazing artist. I found out I was pregnant with the Baby the day after I picked up the painting, so he had to be added later.

I love freshly fallen snow and how it adds a new, clean, and crisp a fresh layer to everything it touches. Although, I must admit that after the sunny, balmy 50 degree (F) weather that we had last week, part of me is longing for springtime and cherry blossoms.

I love taking photos of my kids in awkward positions. It’s a mother’s prerogative.

And although I am not much of a morning person, I do love to see the sun rise.

I love how accomplished I feel when I’m “up with the sun.” But not enough to do it every day.

I really love sunsets. Sunsets are more my speed. I think partly because I don’t have to get up early to see them. I’m always awake at sunset.

And partly because the warmth of a sunset is palpable.

I love little boys with big nets.

I love watching Hubby play with our boys.

I love curious babies.

I love cows. They are adorable, majestic, and delicious.

And I believe I’ve already shared my obsession love of Professional Bull Riders. That kind of goes with the love of cows. And chaps.

And I really love chocolate chip cookies. Shamefully so. I love chocolate chip cookies so much, that I decided to take them to the next level. I’ll be sharing that with you very soon.