Belated Boxing Day

The beauty of moving away from the big city and live in a small town is that I don’t have to fight the crowds to do the most basic of tasks. I can shop locally and avoid the crowds all together. I like it that way.  Being that I live near a “large” small town, I still have access to the big box stores and creature comforts of civilization, but I try to avoid Big Box Land.

I let my errands accumulate until I can’t avoid them any longer. Don’t get me wrong, big shopping areas are great in a fun-to-visit-glad-I-don’t-live-there-kind-of-way. But I like that my daily commute doesn’t involve a freeway or shopping malls.

Today was the day that I couldn’t delay a trip to Big Box Land. Christmas returns beckoned, so I made the trek to run several errands.

I saw a lot of this sign today. It seemed to by following me. Fortunately one of these signs was adjacent to a Starbucks. A Grande Chai Latte will right your world.

I saw a whole lot of this today, too. I’m pretty much a pull-in parking expert after today. If I never see another parking lot again, my life will go on. After a day full of traffic and lines and parking lots, I needed a new view.

I needed this kind of view.

And this view was very necessary, too. I just love night skiing. It’s so peaceful.

My BFF Maggie met me at the hill. We gabbed like crazy on the chair lifts, and slowly made our way down the hill.

These two tagged along, too. They are a lot of fun to chase after. Except for when they get all fearless on me and start going over huge jumps. Backwards. Then the Mom gene kicks in and I yell like crazy and end up going over the jumps while trying to get them to stop. Then they pretend they can’t hear me and race away in fits of giggles. It’s a funny game we play.

But it sure beats spending hours in return lines and circling parking lots.

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        We have a tiny little non-profit ski hill nearby, plunked down in the middle of a neighborhood. I love having it so close. Great size for the kids, but still big enough to be fun for the adults. We have season passes, so it’s easy to go for just an hour or two. A family indulgence…

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