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Pardon me while I get a little domestic on you. This is Comfortably Domestic, after all. I am so ridiculously excited about two recent acquisitions, that I couldn’t help but share them here. But first let’s take a trip down memory lane.

A few weeks back, I shared my personal purgatory with you. I begged for someone to please, make it stop.

Remember my laundry pile, day 3? Day 3 being the day that the laundry declares mutiny and refuses to be confined to the hamper? Yeah, the laundry is my own personal purgatory. Blech! With 6 of us in the house each having play clothes, school clothes, sports clothes, and pajamas, it can get kind of hairy in a hurry.

Last week, I made a couple of impulse buys that will forever change my life. No, this time it wasn’t brightly colored nail polish. This time I bought things that actually have a real purpose.

Ta da! First, I bought new laundry hampers. While I like the asthetics of a hamper that keeps everything nicely contained, unfortunately the laundry in my life doesn’t abide by such rules. But these four hamper bags? They contain everything quite nicely.


I labeled each bin so that my family does the sorting for me. Not having to sort the clothes before washing has saved me literally *hours* each week. Son #2 saw the bins and started jumping up and down and shrieking like it was his birthday. “Mom! This is so much EASIER!”

Apparently, sorting clothes into 4 hampers as opposed to one scratches a little OCD itch for him.

But wait, there’s more! When I want to throw a load in the washer, all I do is grab a (hopefully) empty basket, and empty one of the hamper bags into it. Hooray!

The second life changing purchase was this:

The Shark Steamer Mop! My BFF Maggie told me how great hers was, so I had to see for myself. (The folks at Shark have no idea who I am, I assure you.)  As you can probably imagine, four little kiddos leave quite an imprint on my floors. A regular mop just wasn’t cuttin’ it, and I’ll leave the scrubbing the floor on my hands and knees Cinderella. The Shark steamer has revolutionalized how I clean my floor. By that, I mean that I am actually likely to wash the floor regularly because it’s so much faster and easier. The shark heats a small amount of water and releases steam through the washable pad. I just zip it across the floor, and the steam dissolves the stickies, and sanitizes at the same time. The best part is that the floor dries in seconds, so I don’t end up with little footprints on my wet floors.

It never fails that as soon as I tell everyone to stay off the floor until it dries, they are all suddenly starving or have to use the bathroom and walk on my wet floor. Weird. I think Pavlov studied this bizarre phenomena.


As an added bonus, I get a lot of volunteer help!

So forgive me for having to get all housewife on you, but I just had to share! I am always on the look out for things that make my life easier.

Do you have something that has changed your life? I’d love to hear about it!