Food Dork Fridays

Sometimes my inner-food-dork needs to break free, so I invite you to share in my eternal dorkiness by delving deeper into the mysteries complexities behind various food related topics.

The driving force behind Food Dork Fridays is YOU! Food Dork Fridays was born from my answering a slew of reader email requesting more technical information on numerous food topics. I decided to explain why certain ingredients, methods, kitchen gear, etc. are employed in the creation/implementation of a recipe. My ultimate goal is to share the knowledge that I have gained through research, trial & error, as well as successes & failures in the kitchen. I’d be thrilled to hear that you found a tidbit or two that helps you become a more confident, accomplished, and even daring cook.

My kitchen is not perfect. I am not a classically trained chef. I just home cook that likes to know how and why things work in the kitchen. I hope that you share my inclination to explore the science of cooking, too.

So keep the emails coming, Friends! I’ll continue to do my best to answer your questions, and if a subject strikes me as beneficial to others, it may just end up a Food Dork Fridays post.

As always, thank you for being here and reading my ramblings. I love y’all more than cake!



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Baking Pan Conversion Chart | ComfortablyDomestic.comFood Dork Fridays: Baking Pan Conversion Chart (For When You Don’t Have the Pan Called for by the Recipe.)

Includes a totally FREE BONUS: American to Metric Baking Pan Conversions.

FDFMetricConversionFood Dork Fridays: US to Metric Conversion Charts include US to Metric conversions and back again! Also includes common US measurement equivalents, and weights and measures for common baking ingredients such as flours, sugars, and butter.