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top l to r: Mads, Me, Megan. Bottom l to r: Jeanne, Allison, Kat

My October One Kitchen, Many Hearts box came from the lovely ginger, Mads from La Petite Pancake. Mads is a former Fellow 45th Paralleler that went and transplanted herself in sunny California. Why she would willingly swap the glory of four beautiful seasons for the west coast, I’ll never know. I guess it might have something to do with avoiding the annual Snowpocalypse. Or the perfect weather all of the time. Or access to the ocean and beaches.

Photo copyright Mads & Jonathon and lapetitepancake.wordpress.com

Or possibly the fact that the love of her life was in California and they got married.  OK, I guess I can understand her motivation. ;)

Mads box o’ goodies had the theme “Pamper Yourself.” Well, you don’t have to tell me twice! I received a pumice stone, a clay facial mask, a scrubby-sponge, and a bath bomb that smells so good that I’ve had to hide it from my boys so that they didn’t steal it and use it themselves. She also threw in a loaf of applesauce bread from The Best Bake Sale Cookbook, and I must say that even after a week in transit, that bread was still dang delicious!

Also included was this sweet little be happy. book of inspirational cartoons from her personal bookshelf. I just love books, but I especially love passing on a fun book to a friend.

Girlfriend knows just what I need.

Thanks to Mads, I have a legitimate reason to lock myself in the bathroom and hide from my boys for a little personal rejuvenation time. Right after I clean the bathtub. ;)

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