More Educational Stuff

Sometimes I get a little verbose in my instructional explanations of household or kitchen methods–these are some of those posts:


Purging Your House of Unnecessary Clutter

Natural Laundry Helpers and Stain Removal

Removing Melted Crayon From a Dryer Lint Trap

~Kitchen Related~

Cooking 101: Instructional Cookbooks

Safely Storing Food for the Long Haul

Home Canning Basics 101

Home Canning Basics 102: The Cooked Jam Method

Quick Pumpkin or Squash Purees

Pie Pastry with a Food Processor

Pie Pastry By Hand

Introduction to Basic Bread Making (Fear Not Bread Series:)

Part I – No Yeast Beer or Soda Bread

Part II – Herb Batter Bread with Yeast

Part II 1/2 – 60 Minute Yeast Bread

Part III – 40-Minute Pizza Dough

Part IV – Sourdough