Things Are About to Get Crazy Up in Here.

This kid is going to put me out of my make-believe job.

Son #1 did some serious damage in my kitchen over the past 3 days.  By damage, what I really mean is that he pretty much hip-checked me out of my own kitchen so that he could bake scones all by himself.

No help from mom.

No supervision required.


The only real damage was to my ego, because although he has been helping me bake since he was big enough to pull a chair up to the counter to stand on, he has always wanted me to hover around in case he had question. Not this time.

As Bacon Slayer quipped, Son #1 was literally “in my kitchen.”

The kid blew through 2 pounds of butter, 2 pounds of powdered sugar,  and nearly 5 pounds of flour making three different types of scones.  He made:

  1. Cream Scones with Maple Icing
  2. Chocolate Chip Scones
  3. Chocolate Chip Scones with Maple Icing, which he later dubbed “Chocolate Chip Pancake Scones” for their resemblance to his favorite breakfast.

Each and every batch was absolutely delicious.  And he even mostly cleaned up after himself. That’s my boy!  Son #1 was sure to photo document the whole experience because he has high hopes of doing a Guest Post here on the blog. Which, of course, would require both my approval and password.

Who needs his mama, now?

Son #1 was kind enough to allot his mother a baking time slot or two, so I was able to get in a few batches of my own little projects. More on that later this week.

Let’s be honest: From here until January, I’ll be demolishing many more pounds of butter & throwing flour around like it was an Olympic sport. And then–just when you thought I couldn’t possibly do any more damage–I’m going to whip out my *new* candy thermometer and and start melting enough chocolate to enrobe everything I can get my hands on.

Things are about to get Crazy Up in Here!

Bottom line? Posts are going to lean a bit heavy on the recipe side for the next few weeks. I hope you don’t mind. :)


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  1. says

    Not when you plan to “start melting enough chocolate to enrobe everything I can get my hands on.” Really, I don’t mind at all!

    Son #1 is most impressive! Both of my sons have been begging to guest post for months, which I’d love for them to do. Now, if they can just finish one of the posts they’ve started, it’d be great! Kudos to your son for 3 types of scones! Well-done!

  2. says

    Awww…I wish your son #1 and my son #2 could get together in the kitchen and guest post for both of us! Isn’t it fun to see them taking off like that?
    And I do want the photos and recipes (I LOVE scones!) so move over momma, and give that boy your password! :)
    BTW–If you haven’t heard any other way yet…YOU’RE a WINNER at my site! 😉

  3. Scone loving neighbors H & W, J & K says

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh that just warms my heart. A young chef in the making. Ummmmmmm BTW the folks over at the Hamilton/Fortin abode enjoy coffee on the weekends and some of them- there Son #1 scones might do nicely. I am sure if the Lil Mr. were to go door to door on the weekend he could make a mint peddling his scones this holiday season!

  4. The Bacon Slayer says

    The scones were BIG and they were really good. On a side note, it must be told that Mrs Domestic gets a little cranky when someone is in her kitchen, even in the best of circumstances. I just love firsthand discovery of an adage… 😉

  5. says

    Good for Son #1! The Cub isn’t always interested, but he does help. Hmmm….chocolate chip scones with maple icing sounds wonderful. Those would be great to surprise my family with some Sunday morning. I’m looking forward to the guest post.

  6. says

    Team Son #1 all the way. It’s time for him to have a feature. Tell him Kat says he gets a Gold Star for all of the baking he actioned!

    From my experience with brothers, an interest in or ability to prepare food is a major rarity so I am tres impressed.

    Especially since I haven’t even attempted to action scones!

    Let the chocolate wars begin.

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