Be A Good Cookie Week, Day 5: Gingersnaps!!

On the fifth day of Be A Good Cookie Week, my super-scholarly-snarky-sweet-sociable-valiant friend Mads gave to me us:



Admittedly, valiant kind of blew my Ode to Mads “s” alliteration right out of the water, but anyone who camps in mountain lion territory in December, when said mountain lions might be a tad hungry, is definitely that.

Valiant also describes the girl who was first to jump on our Be A Good Cookie Week bandwagon, even though her post punctuates a hellacious week of Finals.  If you haven’t read Mads’ yet, you really should.

Squirrel! moment. My apologies…

Back to the cookies.  To add to the excitement of Be A Good Cookie Week, Jeanne, Kat, Megan, Mads, Allison, and I did not tell each other which cookies we chose to bake from the Cookies For Kids’ Cancer cookbook, this week. So every day has been a complete surprise to us us, too. Fun!

So, when I saw that Mads’ chose Gingersnaps!!, I couldn’t help but smile. Thoughts of the crisp, chewy crunch of Gingersnaps!! that leaves a slight burn of ginger on the lips brings me right back to my Grandma’s front porch; sitting next to her with that big yellow box between us, just watching the world go by. I have so many fond memories of Gingersnaps!! that the word demands capitalization and two exclamation points.

Click over to visit my friend Mads, and see what warm childhood memories her Gingersnaps!! may conjure up in you.

Don’t forget! You have two more days–until Saturday December 17 at 5:00 p.m.–to enter my Be A Good Cookie Giveaway and help CFKC. Enter to win an autographed copy of the Cookies For Kids’ Cancer cookbook, the OXO Good Grips Be A Good Cookie spatula, and other great cookie swag.

And tell your friends to enter and help us kick some serious pediatric cancer tail.

By the way–don’t forget to enter NanaBread’s giveaway for another chance to win a great prize package with all of the same stuff, plus a whole lot more!

Up tomorrow: Allison jumps into the fray with her cookie choice. Watch for her to health-it-up a bit, just like she did during Pie Week. It’s what she does. :)

And Later: The Giveaway winner, and a Be A Cookie Week Recap with our Glad to Give cookie exchange totals to benefit Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. Woo-hoo!

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  1. says

    LOVE how food can bring back a childhood memory! You’ve been so consistent with the cookie recipes! Kudos to you….Blogging isn’t always easy…especially when it involves baking!

  2. says

    You have so much fun with the cookies Kirsten! That’s what this is all about I think; have fun and help at the same time! Beautiful cookies just like the previous ones!

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