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Hello, Friends! I pray that you all had a wonderfully joyous Christmas weekend–I know that we did.  Of course with a few days off comes a build up of random thoughts swirling around in my head:

  1. Be A Good Cookie Week was a fantastic kick-off to the ridiculous amount of baking that I did leading up to Christmas.
  2. The boys and I had a great time making graham cracker houses with friends.  We use to make a family house each year, but have opted to decorate gingerbread cookies for the past few years, instead. This explains why the boys didn’t realize that the more candy they iced onto their houses, the more candy available to pick off to munch on later. Read: the better their chance of eating any of the candy on their houses before Bacon Slayer plucked it off and ate it himself. Mom! Someone ate all of the Junior Mints off my house! I didn’t even get one!
  3. I may or may not have blew through 5 pounds of butter, 4 pounds of granulated sugar,  8 pounds of powdered sugar, and 10 pounds of flour in less than 10 calendar days. It happens.
  4. None of the above ingredients went toward the cinnamon rolls that I wanted to make as gifts for my neighbors, but didn’t because I ran out of time.
  5. Now my post-holiday-sugar-coma’d self is dreaming about cinnamon rolls, even though the thought of making them, much less eating them, is very unappealing.
  6. I still have 5 pounds of butter in the ‘fridge. That is a normal amount of butter for me to have on hand. Clearly, I have issues.
  7.  I am not afraid to create a list of tasks, with self-imposed deadlines, that far outweigh the available amount of waking hours necessary to accomplish them. I am also not afraid to drastically slash items off that list in the 11th hour of holiday preparations.
  8. Thankfully, my Bonus Mom kept us all from the caloric deficit sure to be caused by a lack of cinnamon rolls by making my Grandmother’s Danish Pastry. Fact: You can smell the all of the butter in this pastry just by being in the same room with it.
  9. This is what the Danish Pastry looked like approximately 15 minutes after we six, presumably responsible adults, cut into the pastry before playing cards. Fact: None of us was the least bit sorry.
  10. Since Gram’s recipe makes 4 pastries, we repeated this debacle the following night. Facts: My boys didn’t see, much less sample, a single slice of pastry–they didn’t even know of its existence. And we still weren’t the least bit sorry.
  11. Red Velvet Cake Balls are pure evil. Purely, deliciously evil.
  12. It should come as no surprise that over the weekend, I ate my weight in Red Velvet Cake Balls, Danish Pastry, and Butter Toffee.
  13. It should also come as no surprise that I’m prone to periods of food excess. So much so, that I Ate My Weight In… may become a new category here on Comfortably Domestic.
  14. Existing almost exclusively on butter and sugar for four straight days necessitates that I make myself at home in Jessica @ The Novice Chef Blog‘s aptly named Ass-Friendly Recipes category. Yes, that is really the name of her healthy recipe category. Yes, part most of me loves the fact that she calls it that, and not only for the Truth-in-Advertising factor.
  15. My parents are awesome! All 3 of them. They have been divorced/re-married since I was a little girl, yet they all venture Up North over Christmas and stay under one roof for the festivities. My roof. Everyone gets along famously and has a great time. If any of you comes from a divorced family, has ever been divorced, or knows anyone that has ever been divorced, then you can understand what a monumental celebration that is for me. I am so glad that my parents all get along so well. Did I mention how awesome my parents are? Because they are indeed awesome.

Your turn! Spill it! For those of you that celebrate Christmas, what made your weekend memorable?

Did you eat your weight in anything this weekend?