Pie Week in Review: All the Flaky Goodness in One Convenient Location

Pie Week has been so much fun, and so well received by all of you that I feel compelled to recap all of the flaky goodness that has been going on.

On Monday, I shared a Apple Tart with Cheddar-Streusel. Don’t knock the cheddar cheese & apple combination until you’ve tried it, because it is out of this world!

On Tuesday, Jeanne @ Inside NanaBread’s Head showed us how to fry up a pie, Texan-style, with her Bananas Foster Fried Pies. Oh. My. Goodness!  Having another vehicle to enjoy the experience that is Bananas Foster makes me a very happy housewife.

Kat @ Tenaciously Yours showcased her very first pie ever on Wednesday, with a Classic Pumpkin Pie. Friends, if you don’t think you can make a pie from scratch, Kat will tell you otherwise. Not only did she make her first from-scratch pie pastry, she made a custard pie to boot. Way to go, Kat!!

On Thursday, pie veteran Mads @ La Petite Pancake ventured into unknown-berry-pie territory with her Snozzberry Pie. Any pie with loads of fresh berries and a nod to Gene Wilder in the title is all right with me. It should be noted that she whipped up this fab pie in between her grad school courses. That’s dedication to A Cause.

Megan @ Wanna Be a Country Cleaver got all up in there on Friday with her Nutella Pecan Pie.  As if the chocolate-hazelnut spread wasn’t drool worthy on its own, she went and layered it in a pecan pie. It’s ridiculous and tasty. Win-win.

Finally, Allison @ Decadent Philistines Save the World brought us all down from our week long sugar-high with her savory Mushroom Red Wine Pie. We had to come back to reality sometime, eh? Why not with a little vegetarian comfort food? As an added bonus, Allison also proved that the No Excuses Pie Dough can be made with whole wheat pastry flour. So, you know, when you want whole grains with your butter, there is a viable option. 😉

Have you been inspired by all this Pie Week Awesomeness to try baking your own pie from scratch?  I certainly hope so. With the No Excuses Pie Dough in your corner, and a weeks worth of great recipes, you really have, well…no excuses!

Happy Pie Baking!

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    I just love how our Pie Week blossomed and progressed each day. Each of our pies were so different but awesome. It was glorious. In fact, Pie Week reminds me of all of us as blogger friends – diverse, spread across the country, tons of fun, and yet coming together like pieces of a favorite puzzle. I love you ladies so much. We should totally do this again. Just name a food category, and I’m there!


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