Pie Week, Day 4: Mads’ Snozberry Awesomeness

Since we are embarking on the fourth glorious day of Pie Week, I thought a little audience participation was in order.  So, all together now, sing with me (Still to the tune of the 12 Days of Christmas. Obviously.):

On the fourth day of pie week, my pug-loving-karoke-rockin’-friend Mads made for me us:

A Scrumptious Snozzberry PIE!!!

While Mads has actioned quite a few pies in her day, never has she done so with an either fruit, or an easy made-from-scratch crust.  For some reason berry pies were slightly unnerving to her–until now! What’s a snozzberry, you ask? You’ll just have to head on over to La Petite Pancake to check out Mads’ Snozzberry pie to find out.

Hooray for Pie Week!!  Check back tomorrow to see what Megan, my favorite Country Cleaver has whipped up. Here’s a little hint: Nutella is involved.

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  1. says

    Thanks for linking up! This “project” was so fun! I can’t wait until we decide to do some sort of bake sale or some other shenanigans 😉

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