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Food! Food! FOOD!  It’s food week!!

I mean, it’s Thanksgiving week. Although I love any reason to get together with friends and family over a good meal, Thanksgiving is one of my favorites. How cool is it to have an “official” reason to get all sappy and count my many, many blessings, and eat a lot of really great food with the people that I love the most?!

Super-cool–that’s how cool it is.

I couldn’t possibly embark on one of my favorite food-holiday weeks without suggesting a sampling of tasty dishes that I get excited about seeing on the buffet table. You know, just in case you haven’t already had your menu planned for a few months or anything.

For Starters:

A little Sun-Dried Tomato and Artichoke Dip is always a fun & festive way to start a gathering. Nothing breaks the ice with folks you haven’t seen in awhile then standing around and sharing a little nosh together.

And then, to set the stage for the main event:

Savory Streusel Topped Green Beans are a nice alternative to the traditional green bean casserole–and it’s quick & easy to put together! Vegetables + Carbs = Bliss

Personal Note-to-Self: Step away from the food, Kirsten. Geez! Back up a little with the camera, next time!

Be sure not to forget the Creamy Corn Pudding. I know that it looks like a hot-mess that the-cat-dragged-in, but man! I could make a meal of that creamy cornbread pudding–and have! That’s some seriously good stuff.  Coincidentally, it is also more Vegetables + Carbs.

Personal Note-to-Self-2: Try not to entice your friends to eat something by describing it as either a “hot-mess” or “something-that-the-cat-dragged-in.” Definitely do not use both phrases in the same sentence.

A Potato-Zucchini Gratin makes a graceful presentation to any holiday table.  The gratin also fits my preferred side dish theme of Vegetables + Carbs + Bonus Cheese.

And because it’s not a holiday meal without more carbohydrates than anyone should possibly eat in one sitting, Cornmeal Rolls are a great make-ahead bread option.

For the Main Event:


Citrusy Herb Roasted Turkey is possibly the easiest, tastiest method to roast a turkey ever.  Less than 30 minutes of preparation, pop the turkey in the oven, then get on to more important things. Like hanging out with friends & family, and cheering for the Lions.

Once the turkey and trimmings have been devoured, and John Madden has savored yet another Lions victory, it’ll be time for dessert.  I don’t know how things work in your family, but in my family, the dessert table is as long as the buffet table. As it should be.

Of course my Apple Tart with Cheddar Streusel, or any of the pies offered up for Pie Week would be excellent choices to top off a delicious Thanksgiving meal.


But if it is a traditional pumpkin dessert is what you are after, then Pumpkin Chai Cupcakes are a nice after dinner sweet.


Although, if you have to choose just one dessert, then Cheesecake Cups are rich, wonderful, bite-sized indulgences that add a nice finish to any meal.


Wherever you are, whatever you do–be sure to slow down long enough to take a few moments to enjoy your company, count your blessings, and always, always chew your food carefully.