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Today I am baking a difference over on Frosting for the Cause, which is the brain-child of Paula. Paula’s mission: help find a cure for cancer. That’s no small order and she’s not taking the easy road to get there, either.

Paula’s enlisting the help of 365 bloggers across the US and Canada to post a homemade-decorated-treat-a-day, every day, for an entire year.  The bloggers whip up something delightful for their post, all the while sharing how cancer has affected women in their lives. We also promise to donate at least $25 for either cancer research, or a women’s cancer charity, and donate a batch of sweets to a local women’s hospice.

Over $9000 will be raised to support cancer research and causes if only the bloggers donate the minimum amount. The hope is that others reading their stories will be moved to the point of donating, as well.

Of course, the baker in me jumped on that bandwagon as fast as I possibly could.  Cancer has indiscriminately affected many influential women in my life. How could I not bake something to support finding a cure for cancer?  (Hint: yesterday’s tea infused frosting and that blueberry cake I eluded to are featured.)

And yes, I’m going to be annoying and ask you to click here to read my story of one way cancer has touched my family.

By the way: you don’t need to be a food blogger to bake a difference! Just fire off an email to Paula to join the Frosting for the Cause team. Together we can make a difference!



Frosting for the Cause




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    Wow Kirsten…what a great blog project. Thanks for posting the information. I read your story. Mine is very, very similar. I can honestly say that I understand. I do believe that I’ll be sending Paula an email this afternoon :)

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    Cheryl was such a cutie-bug. I’m so sorry she was taken from you at such a young age. It’s every parent’s worst nightmare. Thank you for sharing her with us. Your touching story made me cry, but it also made me hopeful that so many people are willing to pitch in and do something – anything – that could help another family who may be going through the same thing. Your post was wonderful, and so are your blueberry lemon cupcakes. Genius all around.

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