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Son #2 has a special place in my heart. He is quirky and creative, funny and loving, intelligent and kind.  He does everything on his own terms, and only when he is ready. I admire his confidence because he just is what he is–it wouldn’t occur to him to be anything else.  I admire his sense of self.

He makes faces or runs away whenever I try to take his picture because he doesn’t want to be the center of attention.  He’s a behind the scenes kind of guy. I admire his humility.

He is the kind of kid that will spend all afternoon completing a 1000 dot Dot-to-Dot puzzle, coloring it, and mounting it on cardboard as a gift for his brother.  I admire his thoughtfulness.

We can always tell where Son #2 has been, because he leaves behind neat rows of toys.  He has a vision to complete in his own orderly kind of way.  While I don’t always understand his reasoning, I admire his tenacity.

So when I ask him to go and play outside, and later see him…playing outside…I couldn’t help but laugh at his literal interpretation of my request.

With a gaggle of other boys playing tag in our yard, Son #2 was content to do his own thing, periodically watching the others from afar. I admire his contentedness.

He marches to his own beat, and we love him for it.