A Day at the Spa…or not.

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In the spirit of my tendency to share random minutia–I had an eye appointment yesterday. Just a routine thing to let me know that my surgically enhanced 20/20 vision isn’t faltering–just aging. Because I’m older than dirt–which apparently also causes me to use a disproportionate amount of hyphens in my sentence structure.

I mention the eye appointment because to a mother of four, any opportunity to venture out of the house without kiddos in tow is like a day at the spa. Solo outings allow for quiet time that does not require having to pause to referee an argument or chase a run-away toddler down the hall.  Which makes such mundane appointments like eye exams or root canals seem relaxing.

Besides, it gives me the give me an opportunity to read a magazine article in it’s entirety.  Today I learned all about “Fashion Makeovers That You Didn’t Know You Needed,” like the fact that Capri pants and cardigans have gone the way of the dinosaur.  Short-shorts paired with a camisole and semi-structured jacket are where it’s at this spring and summer. Thank you Ladies Home Journal for saving me from fashion extinction.

All in all the outing was both relaxing and informative.  If only I could have gotten a pedicure while I was there…

On another note, I came home to this:

Poor little Son #3 was sad because he had a “really, really, really bad headache and almost barfed.”  Sweet pea had a fever and wasn’t happy about it.  He spent most of the morning with this look on his face, until then the fever meds kicked in.  Then he ran laps around the inside of the house.  Oh, to have the recovery abilities of a child.

The Baby has been sporting this face a lot today. I think he might have a fever brewing, too.  Needless to say, we spent most of the day cuddling on the couch and reading books.  You might expect that reading Goodnight Moon 177 times in a row might get a bit tedious. I suppose it would if not for two feverish little muffins snuggled up on my flanks.

There is just something about a sick kiddo that brings out patience and tolerance to do whatever it is that they need at the moment. I hate it when my babies are sick–I just want to make it all better or take the illness upon myself.  In absence of that, I can read Goodnight Moon a 178th time.

On a positive note, they both took extensive naps so that I could disinfect every flat surface in the house in effort to purge the vermin that is infecting my babies.

Oh, and I had a some time to bake a little something.  Actually, I baked a lot of little lime tart somethings.  I’ll tell you all about them soon. Just know that there was butter involved.

Also know that I made them wearing my new favorite apron.

Why yes, that is a Holstein cow print apron! Thanks so much for noticing.

Awhile back, Jeanne @ InsideNanaBreadsHead wore just such an apron in a piggy-bun tutorial on her blog. Of course, I saw the cow print and jumped right on it, because I have a thing for cows. I had to know where I could get one. She regretfully informed me that she made her apron eons ago, and couldn’t find the fabric anymore.  Bummer.

Then, this weekend, a package arrived…Jeanne surprised me with my very own Holstein print apron!  She went on a hunt for the fabric with the express purpose of making an apron for me. Bless her heart! And, how cool is that?!  So if the piggy-buns weren’t enough to convince you that Jeanne was one of the Coolest Chicks on the Planet, then look no further than my new favorite apron.  Girlfriend ROCKS!

So it may not have been a day at the spa, but I did get some alone time.  I read an entire magazine article without interruption. I snuggled and read to my little boys for most of the afternoon. I baked something while wearing a cow print apron made by a thoughtful friend.

Which kind of makes a day at the spa seem overrated.

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  1. says

    I refuse to accept that cardigans have gone the way of the dinosaur. Sure, twin sets may be reserved for waspy ladies at their Greenwich country clubs, but a long, layered cardigan? Always perfect!

  2. Kim says

    I refuse to believe capris are gone, as well. I was never much of a cardigan wearer myself, but nobody wants to see these legs in short shorts.

    Sorry your kids are sick, but yay for finding the silver lining!

  3. says

    Wow, I so remember those precious little times to myself when my girls were little. Any sort of “me time” was relished! Sorry the kiddos are not feeling good, never fun time to be a Mommy. LOVE the apron!!

  4. Kim says

    Hello :) followed you over from my blog…

    with three kids I’ve come to appreciate alone time too – I actually get excited about dental appointments now because I can go alone!!

    I hope your little ones are feeling better soon xxx

  5. says

    Jeanne! That’s the most adorable apron ever. Bless her!

    I didn’t know that Ladies’ Home Journal was where it was at. I think you can still wear cardigans and capris…just separately. Or that would be my vote anyway. I don’t know what you would replace the cardigan WITH though, were you to be sporting capris.

    I can’t wait to see how your baking creation turned out :)

    • says

      I had no idea that LHJ had even a remote fashion sense. The People magazines were all taken, so it was Ladies Home Journal or Field & Stream. I think I’m going to be all edgy & stuff this summer and wear cardigans with my capris regardless.

  6. says

    I remember blissfully going to dentist appointments without the children when they were babies and toddlers. Teenagers are tough too, but at least I get a few moments to myself.
    Looking forward to wearing my capris and cardigans this summer!

  7. says

    Having gone through three pregnancies that have certainly left their mark on my legs, I do not appreciate magazines who promote short shorts as a viable alternative to capris. I say capris need to live on!
    On a more positive note, your comments about curling up with your kids to read to them while they are sick made me look back almost with fondness on the many sicknesses of my kids over the last winter. Hope they feel better soon!

    • says

      I hear ya, Sister! Short-shorts have no business anywhere near my body after four babies have sprung forth from my womb. Some may call stretch marks a badge of honor. I say they just need to be covered. Long live capris!

  8. says

    Your poor boys. I hate being sick. I have a bit of a bug right now, too, and it’s a bummer. Hope they’re feeling better by Sunday so they can help you celebrate Mother’s Day. Also hope they don’t pass it along as your gift! I’m so happy you liked your apron. It makes me even happier that you’re wearing it and enjoying it so much. I’m almost mooooooved to tears. {wink!} Happy Mother’s Day, Kirsten.


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