Camera Shy

Son #2 is a bit camera shy. And when I say he is a bit camera shy, I mean it in the most he-loathes-having-his-picture-taken-so-much-that-he’ll-throw-himself-under-a-bus-to-get-out-of-it kind of way. No matter how hard the camera tries befriend him, he wants no part of it.  He and the camera are not friends. Any and all photos of #2 are taken under duress, and I’m not too proud to say, usually comes with a bribe attached. Photographing son #2 inevitably turns into an elaborate game of cat and mouse.

The hunter stalks her unsuspecting prey…

…the element of surprise is on her side. “Hey B, look over here!” He immediately turns his head, in anticipation of a camera being near.

“No, really. I just want one picture.” He quickly ducks his head. The prey has begun bob-and-weave diversionary tactics.

So the hunter responds in kind and swoops in from underneath. “C’mon! Just one, I promise!”

“Stttoooooooooopp!!” The shrill cry of the prey sends the hunter away, in search of an easier target.

Fine. you’ve won this round. But I’ll be back. When you least expect it–expect it!

“Whatever, Mom.”

Not easily deterred for long, the hunter tries again.  “Smile! Please? That’s not a smile. Mad scientist, maybe, but definitely not a smile. Really. I just want one good picture. OK, I don’t even care if you smile. Just look in my direction.”

So he looks in my direction and smiles. And is sure to show me the chewed gum in his mouth. This is a good picture of son #2 because:

  1. He is looking at the camera.
  2. He is smiling–a bonus.
  3. He is doing something mildly inappropriate, which SO captures his personality.

And the hunter revels in her (mild) victory.

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