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Being that we are “done” having children, every milestone that the Baby reaches is bittersweet. I am excited for his triumph and development, but a little sad because his achievements mean that I won’t be seeing our children do any of these “firsts” again. One of the “firsts” that I have always struggled with is the first haircut. The first haircut is a rite of passage that causes my little, pudgy baby boys to turn into pudgy little boys. The difference in the way they look is both profound and immediate.  And we mourn each time, just a little bit.  We’ve been dragging our feet on getting the Baby’s first haircut because we have witnessed this instant change three other times, and we just weren’t ready for the Baby to not look like a baby anymore.

Our eldest son had his first haircut at 10 months old–WAY too early to lose his babyface.  Hubby & I were a bit traumatized by the whole experience. So when it came time to cut my second son’s hair for the first time, we waited until he was a year old. That still stung, but at least he was toddling around, so it felt okay for him to lose a bit of the baby look.  My third son looked entirely different from his brothers. Son #3 is blond, so we let his fine, wispy locks grow a bit longer, until they were brushing his collar. We called him our little surfer dude. We held out on his first haircut until he was a bit older–14 months old.

The Baby also sports blond, wispy locks, but his hair curls in the back. We thought for sure that the rest of his hair would curl, but the sides of his hair remain straight and feathery as can be. He kind of has a reverse mullet–he’s all business in back with the party goin’ on in front. We love that crazy hair! Unfortunately, no matter how manly I dress him, everyone thinks he is a little girl. That really doesn’t bother me, but the hair is obviously starting to bug him. He keeps tugging at it, and takes every opportunity to smear food in it. It’s time for his first haircut.

He seems to be doing just fine at the beginning. He kind of likes the cool car that he is sitting in.

Then he starts to get worried. Who is this chick, and why is she pulling my hair?

I’d show you more pictures of the haircutting process, but I don’t have any because the Baby decided that he did not like the strange chick pulling on his hair. He didn’t like the neat car chair that he was sitting in. In fact, he didn’t care to sit in it at all. He spent the duration of his haircut having a meltdown on my lap, and staring at me with a look of complete betrayal because I wasn’t stopping this stranger from pulling on his hair. Poor little guy.

I did manage to extract him from my arms long enough to set him in the cutesy car chair again for an “after” photo. He wasn’t pleased.

Sigh. He looks like such a little man now. I can’t stop kissing his sweet cheeks because now that all the hair is gone, his cheeks look extra pudgy and enormous!

And luckily, we both survived the ordeal.