I Have a Thing for Cows

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There it is. I said it before God and Everybody. I have a thing for cows. I know they aren’t very exotic, as far as animals go, but I think cows are some of the coolest, most majestic animals around. And they’re delicious.

It all started on a farm in Oregon, with a charming Hereford named Big Brownie. I was 12 years old, and visiting friends at their “hobby farm.” They had several head of cattle, but were far from a full blown ranching operation. When touring the farm, I met Big Brownie in the pasture. He came right up to us, and nuzzled our host. He then took notice of me, and proceeded to wipe his slimey nose across my sleeve and lick my hand. I was immediately smitten with my new friend, and I spent the rest of the weekend leaning against Brownie in the field. I’d feed him grass. He’d nuzzle my hand and wipe his snot on my jacket. We were totally BFFs.

My friend Paul hopped a fence in Scotland to get this shot. I don’t think the cows knew what to make of the silly American invading their space. They kind of give off a “You talkin’ to me?!” vibe.

I want to name this one Bubba and move her right into my back yard. Isn’t she just the sweetest thing? She’s a Belted Galloway from Maine. I once knit a hat for my oldest son with a Belted Galloway on it. We call it the Beltie hat, and all of my older boys have worn it. The Baby will get his turn this winter.

Holsteins are some of my favorite cows. I just love the black splotches on the white hide. I’ve been looking for custom Holstein print seat covers for my van for years. When I find them, look out! I’ll really be rockin’ my mini-van.

Here’s another reason why I love Holsteins–they provide the milk that goes into the ice cream at Moomer’s. The ice cream is amazing. Their Cherries Moobilee won the America’s Best Scoop contest on Good Morning America last year. Cherry ice cream with cherries and brownie chunks. It’s our little small town claim to fame.

Post ice-cream posing on the observation deck. The cows were still out to pasture that day. They feed the cows around dinnertime in the area behind the boys. It’s a real crowd pleaser.

And look! Cow tracks in the concrete.  How cute is that?!

Happy, pasture-fed cows. It’s what nature intended.

These bad boys live at Gallagher’s Centennial Farm, just down the road from Moomer’s. They are Black Angus. Don’t they look tough? And ruggedly handsome? I mean, look how big and burly they are! One of them is going to feed my family in the coming year. Well, one-quarter of him is, anyway, and for that I am thankful.

And don’t even get me started on Professional Bull Riding! PBR is billed as the Toughest Sport on Earth. 1500 pounds of bull, jumping and throwing around would-be riders like rag dolls. It just doesn’t get much better than that. And there are cowboys. In chaps.  If the cowboy doesn’t wreck, he’ll stay on for 8 seconds. 8 seconds! That’s so cool. I just want the chaps. And the boots.

Well, hello, Gorgeous! Be still my bovine-loving heart. If I had these boots, my life would have new meaning. And I’d look awesome in carpool.

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  1. says

    Oh, Ms. Ree would be ever so proud of your Frye boots choice – and heck – so am I!! I love those boots and those cows, bestill my heart.

    My boyfriend doesnt get why I love them so much – but they are just so beyond any explanation. You can’t help but have your heart melt!

  2. says

    You and Ree would be good buddies! I am so glad that you disclosed your fascination with cows. Seriously – they are so sweet and gentle for being so big, and they are definitely worthy of your love! I am secretly addicted to PBR too. It is fascinating to see these cowboys on these massive bulls. I can’t believe they can hang on as long as they do!


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